women's mentoring

Allowing God's Word and godly sisters to inspire and grow you

Our Mission

Inspired by Titus 2, Life to Life mentoring is women walking side-by-side, life-to-life, encouraging women to think biblically as they grow in their understanding of who God designed women to be, and equipping them to live covenantally as they go into the world serving their families, work place and communities.

What to expect

Life to Life mentoring groups are 2-5 women along with a mentor.  Monthly meetings are meant to be informal - a time to get to know one another and grow together.  Meetings will be on different dates and times to accommodate different schedules.  Each group reads and studies a book together.


The time frame for this ministry is three years, with women signing up for one year at a time.  Women may be added to an existing group only within the first two months of its formation.  All women, age 18 and older, who are members or regular attenders at LPC are invited to participate.

join a mentoring group!

A new year of Life to Life launches in September 2022!  Register online!