Adult Sunday Classes

A time for deeper study of God's Word
in community

Sunday morning classes allow time to dig deeper into a certain topic or book of the Bible.  Biblical teaching and engaging discussion give opportunity for personal growth, as well as growth in friendship and community.  Class topics vary throughout the year, and we invite you to join in-person or via Zoom.

adult classes - sundays at 9:15am

MAY & JUNE 2022


Meets in Gym     |      Led by Dr. Vern Poythress

Although comprised of sixty six books written by different authors over many centuries, the Bible as God's Word is a unified whole that tells a single story.  It is the story of salvation through a redeemer.  Jesus of Nazareth identified himself as that redeemer and he taught his first disciples that the entirety of the Old Testament scriptures spoke about him.  
In this class we will explore ways in which the Book of Deuteronomy points forward to the coming of Christ and his salvation.