Community Groups

Gathering communities to live for Christ

Community Groups are the central adult discipleship ministry,
a focal point for care and growth at LPC.

what are community groups?

A Community Group at its core is a family of believers, learning how to follow Jesus in every area of their lives - together. 

Community Groups are genuine and authentic -- a place to consistently work on removing the walls that separate you from God and others.  Groups are safe -- a place to confidently confess struggles, share sufferings and joys, and be reminded of the promises of the Gospel.  And, groups are intentional -- a place to work together to apply God's Word, push back the darkness, help the poor, reach the lost, and love one another.

TWo Kinds of community groups

Find the one that's best for you!


The primary type of Community Group follows a specific structure designed for discipleship in a way that minimizes the strain on busy schedules.

Core Group Monthly Schedule
  • Week 1:   The whole group meets for Bible study and prayer
  • Week 2:   Only the men of the group meet
  • Week 3:   Only the women of the group meet
  • Week 4:   All adults and children gather for a family meal and sharing time
  • Week 5   (if there are 5 weeks in the month):   Outreach, service or rest together


Community Groups with unique formats to meet various needs.  Each group determines its own schedule and structure.


Learn some of the special features of Community Groups!

How are Community Groups arranged?

Community Groups are arranged by location, meeting day and format.  

What will we study or discuss?  

In the fall of 2023, Core Community Groups will study Scripture and themes related to the weekly sermon.  After a period of time, groups will select an approved book or topic of study. 

How long am I committing?  

We ask for you to commit for the 2023-2024 school year and renew your commitment annually.

Is childcare offered?

Depending on the needs of your Community Group, that is something for the group to decide.  Families with children are welcome to sign up in any group.

Can I invite friends?

Yes!  Community Groups are intended to be a great place to welcome friends.  It's meant to be an informal setting to grow together, share God's truth, extend hospitality and give a glimpse into church life.

What is the maximum group size?

Each Community group is limited to 16 adults in a group.  New group members can be added throughout the year.

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