Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

Each year brings new opportunities for missions and sharing the gospel with the world around us.  Most years, our church family excitedly prepares and raises funds to go on a missions trip.  God has allowed LPC to go to Belize twice now, and it's a blessing to build relationships with believers at the local church there.  

If you're looking to use your skills in short term missions, join us on our next trip. Each missions trip requires different skills needed among the team members, and you might have just what we need. More than that, your willingness to share the story of God's work in your life is what we need most on our trip. 

supporting Missionaries

We support missionaries in foreign countries as well as individuals and organizations in the United States.

   Our missions committee keeps the congregation informed of our foreign and local missionary individuals and organizations.  Each Sunday, prayer requests and prayer is offered for one of our supported missionary.   Throughout the year, visiting missionaries will share a message during our morning worship services  and speak about their ministry during Sunday School.

annual missions conference

Learning about God's Kingdom around the world

Each spring, we welcome a missionary to share with us about their mission field experiences and share how God is working there.  It's a weekend of hope and excitement as we hear how God is at work in another area of the world.  It's also a special weekend to encourage and support one of our missionaries.  Everyone leaves the weekend feeling challenged to find new ways to share God's work in their life with others. 

Encourage our missionaries

Write and encouragement, question, or prayer and we'll connect you via email.